January 15, 2014
10 Notable NYC Cultural Moments in 2013: #2 Love’s Labour’s Lost

I had never been to a Shakespeare in the Park production before 2013. But I don’t know how anything else there could be more entertaining than ‘Love’s Labour’s Lost: A New Musical’.

The NY Times was not a big fan, commenting “As a silly diversion for the silly season, it passes muster, but only just.” But the producers turned Shakespeare into a musical and made it not just work, but be so hilarious your grin would be permanently fixed to your face before the night was over. You couldn’t call the musical styles cohesive but they were catchy. A version of “Jaquenetta” was very contagious and I can still hear it in my head.

Throw in some recognizable pop tunes, including Mr. Big, and the play verges further from the original Shakespeare and into something more contemporary. I don’t know what more to add other than I hope they release a DVD of it or something.

Hear more of the songs here.